Thursday, December 15, 2011

God is Faithful

God is faithful!

That's kind of been a theme as of late. Well really, there have been quite a few themes in my life recently. Some personal. Others have a usual Christian undertone, like "God enjoys making much of little." (Which is a good one, I'll tell you more about sometime!) But what God is showing me, overall, is that He is faithful!

It is officially 29 days until I leave for training camp on January 13th! It is so crazy to think that it is so close! In a month's time, I, and my team, will be in Uganda! With everything coming together and my departure approaching, I can't help but stop to think about what this journey has been like so far. Remember that faithful theme? Well let me put it into perspective for you.

2 months and 10 days ago I got the call that I was going to Uganda!
1 month and a few days ago I sent my first fundraising letter.
Today, I have raised over $4,000 to pay for my travel expenses, program cost, and vaccinations.
Today, I only need $900 more in my account by December 29th in order to be fully funded.
Today, I am blown away by God's faithfulness.

Did you catch that? In a less than two months time, God has provided over $4000.00, of money that I definitely couldn't have come up with on my own, to get me to the country He has prepared me for service to. In His word I find so many examples of God showing himself faithful to those who believe. In Acts, He provided for the entire church during its formation by allowing Christians to sell everything they owned and put it into the church. By doing so, He showed Himself faithful by ensuring that all of their needs were met. Think about it...They sold everything. And yet, their needs were met. Why? Because we serve a God who is faithful and willing and able to supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory. And just like the early church, that story is my story. It was His provision that gave everything to them. They didn't do it on their own. God has placed just the right people in my way to make this trip possible. According to His wisdom, He put a woman in my life to help me with my biggest fundraiser even before I knew it. According to His plan, He put me in a team of people with the same passions, the same hunger for more of Christ, and who also desire to work in the country of Uganda. Yup...faithful!!!

I ask for your continued prayers as my family and I prepare for my departure. Also, for my team as they do the same. If you would still like to make a financial donation, e-mail me at

Joyfully humbled,


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