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Uganda Dreams

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Ambrose is 23 years old and he is very talented at farming. He has many certificates from programs he has completed in agricultural studies. In one class he received distinctions and in every class he received credits. He wants to own his own farm and to support his older sister who is unmarried with a child. She has no one to provide for her unless she marries. The chances of that are slim. But Ambrose needs another degree in order to be hired in his field and he doesn't have the money to pay for it. He dreams big dreams. He has a beautiful vision for his future, his sister's future, her child, and even for street children in Uganda, but without the financial support or a job that he can work and save money with, Ambrose fears his dreams won't be possible. But he still dreams. And he travels into Victory Outreach Church frequently to pray that God will allow his dreams to come true. He believes God will provide.

Victory Outreach Ministries (VOM) sponsors several primary schools, but they have also begun a high school. This is unique because many children you read about in Africa never finish primary school much less attend high school. But VOM dreams big dreams for the city of Lira, the country of Uganda, and every child that our Lord has blessed this country with.

The high school is also a boarding school, and a few days ago we were given a tour of the grounds. School won't begin again until after the students arrive back from Holiday on January 30th, but the teachers and staff are in the process of getting everything ready for the new school term. We were given a tour by Khalid, a man with a great vision for Fountain High School. His school, however, has not yet reached its full potential. Understatement. His school is not yet finished. In fact, both the girls and boys dormitories remain incomplete. The kitchen (and I use this term lightly, imagine a small brick room with various pots and pans, no stove, no sink, no oven, no refrigerator, no dishwasher, you get it...) is too small to accommodate. all of the students and staff. The classrooms are make-shift. Though they are hoping for 200 students when courses begin again in a few days time, they have a vision for 800-1000 students. Of course, that is with a finished school. At this point the facilities are half-done at the most generous estimate.

The cost so far? Roughly $35,000. The price needed for 1000 Ugandan high school students to receive a real shot at a future through education? Around $30,000. VOM dreams big dreams for the people here. And they believe God will provide. In fact, they have no doubts.

Uganda dreams

And their dreams are beautiful

The girl's dormitory.
In just a few days, girls will live here. Including my new beautiful friend Lydia.

She wants to be an accountant!

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